What is AbsoluteFittheFitAbsolute?
~A Brand, A Statement, A Movement~

Absolute Fit is an apparel clothing company, born for God’s Purpose, designed to Fit the Absolute individual in you! We are determined to exhibit God’s greatness through our talents in our personalized stitched clothing, expressing how He has created each of us wonderfully and beautifully different from each other in every way. Psalms 139 “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” God made each of us different with our own gift to use in order to glorify His kingdom.

To be Absolute, means without restriction, or limitations and that is just how we want you to feel when you put on that AbsoluteFit logo. There is no right or wrong way to wear our gear. To be Absolute means Truth, Matter of Fact without question and not Comparable to anyone or anybody. So, no matter which piece of our apparel you decide to wear, it is always accentuated with your own personalized style giving life to your own individualism. And that is what the AbsoluteFit family is about.

God Minds Everyone Else's Never Minds”

When the people of this world pays you no mind and disregards you,
God sees, minds, and loves you He says you are AbsoluteFit to be
exactly who you are! You are enuff!

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